Do football players wear underwear?

Football players do wear underwear under their girdles. Under their shorts, most football players wear a jockstrap, a cup, and some sort of cushioning. In the NFL, virtually all players wear jockstraps, but league modesty rules demand another underwear layer over them, otherwise, the player may be fined.

What Kind Of Underwear Do Football Players Wear?

The following are examples of typical football underpants.


The groin is shielded by plastic. It guarantees that there is no direct contact with the private areas, just as the helmet protects the head. It is intended for football players (not soccer).

The cap is made of hard plastic that is attached to spandex or jockstrap. Its form fits the male legs and gently grips the genitals.

However, with time, most professional football players no longer wear cups. And it’s because the pants are tight, almost like a second skin, which causes pain for most players as they get older. As a result, the cup may cause chafing on the inner thighs.

Because cups are not required equipment for football, it is simple to avoid wearing them. Some athletes believe that wearing cups interferes with their performance and sprinting strides.


The bras are similar to half-tank tops and do not serve the same purpose as those worn by women. They are in charge of the GPS trackers that the players wear. The trackers measure their health and performance by measuring heart rate, speed, acceleration, distance, and speed.

Football teams previously wore bras during practice, but they have been wearing bras during actual matches since 2019. It allows managers and coaches to keep an eye on their players throughout live games. It also makes it simpler to determine when players burn out, as well as their physical condition.

The trackers affixed to the bras communicate with pods (on tripods) for game monitoring. The tracker signals are used to communicate the metrics to the pods.

The GPS tracker data allows coaches to determine when to change players, educate players, make half-time choices, and even avoid injuries.

However, such bras are becoming increasingly popular among international football players.

Compression short

It is made of a stretchy cloth that clings to the body firmly. It also keeps the body warm throughout training and competitions, as well as improving blood flow in the athletes. It is known to minimize muscular tiredness, soreness, and strain hazards.

Compression shorts give additional support for the groins of athletes. It also serves as a cup holder. It’s also a great method to protect delicate portions of your body while playing. It provides both protection and comfort. It reduces friction during practice and competitions. As a result, it is simpler to carry out activities without it riding up.

It’s also good underwear for athletes who have groin pain but don’t want to compromise their performance.


It was originally designed for cyclists and is also known as an athletic supporter. It is made of a front panel and two elastic straps that support the groin. Some jockstraps also include a pocket for storing a cup.

Furthermore, it provides excellent support without causing any tightness in your legs. It also helps to reduce the risks of blunt damage to sensitive regions. Internal bleeding or other significant consequences may occur as a result of such an occurrence.

It is crucial to know that underwear is intended for modesty and to make the players feel more at ease. However, they do not affect the player’s performance. A player’s performance is determined by their talents and reaction to the equipment.

How to Wear a Football Girdle?

A football girdle is a piece of protective clothing used below football pants. The girdle’s purpose is to contain the numerous pads required to protect football players. Pads for the hips, buttocks, thighs, and knees are among the pads held by the girdle. It may be difficult for first-time football players or equipment managers to put on a football girdle if they do not know where the pads go or how to put it on.

  • Find the pockets where each pad will go. The butt pad will be in the rear of the girdle, the knees will be in front, the thighs will be on the lower sides, and the hip pads will be on the top side.
  • Insert the pads into the girdle’s pockets.
  • Place the girdle on the ground, so that the two-leg openings are facing up.
  • Step into the girdle and pull the pants up like you would any other pair of trousers. The girdle can be worn under or over your underwear. It is typically up to the football player’s discretion.
  • Check that the girdle’s cushions cover the appropriate body areas.
  • Put on your football pants over your girdle. You have successfully put on your girdle after completing this step.


In summary, football players already wear underwear, and each individual has a distinct choice of underwear; there will be varied restrictions based on the competition.