Can you wash football gloves?

You can completely wash football gloves by hand washing as well as machine washing. However, you’ll need to wash your gloves on a regular basis to keep them looking and smelling wonderful. Here’s how to clean your football gloves so they last a long time.

Machine Washing Guide

Do you need to wash your gloves quickly so you can get back on the field? Simply follow these few steps:

Wipe them clean. To begin, brush off the gloves to eliminate any loose debris, grime, and so on. This is especially crucial if you are playing on a natural grass pitch (vs an artificial surface).

Examine the directions. Before you get too far, double-check the care instructions for your gloves to determine if they are machine-washable. If not, proceed to the following step for hand-washing instructions.

Turn them inside-out. If your gloves are machine washable, make sure to flip them inside out before putting them in the machine. This can aid in the preservation of the materials on the exterior of the gloves that produce the friction required to grasp the ball.

Take out a pillowcase. Put your gloves in a pillowcase or lingerie bag in the washing machine to preserve them even more.

Wash on a cool, gentle cycle. When washing your gloves, it is critical to use cold water since hot water can cause permanent damage. To handle your gloves with care, use a mild or delicate cycle and a detergent specialized for synthetics, such as WIN Sports Detergent.

Allow airing to dry. When the wash cycle is over, hang the gloves to dry to complete the procedure. While it may be tempting to hurry up the process by running your gloves through the dryer, the high-heat environment within the drum is likely to injure your gloves; hence, it is best to plan ahead and allow enough time for your gloves to dry naturally before using them again.

Hand Washing

If the manufacturer’s instructions say not to use the washing machine, your sole choice is to hand-wash your gloves. Even if your gloves can be machine-washed, hand cleaning is a better option because it is a softer method that can help the gloves last longer.

Follow these instructions to hand-wash your gloves:

Get your water ready. Fill a sink, tub, or clean bucket halfway with water and stir in a little quantity of an appropriate detergent, such as WIN Sports Detergent. You don’t have to use cold water, but don’t go over a moderate temperature.

Soak the gloves in water. Put your gloves in the water and soak them for a minute or two. Scrub them clean with your hands once they’ve been fully saturated. Keep an eye out for any harm to the gloves’ sensitive areas while you work.

Rinse the soap away. After you’ve finished cleaning, drain the water and wash the gloves one last time with new, clean water. This will assist you in rinsing away any soap that is still sticking to the gloves.

Allow your gloves to air dry. The washer is once again off-limits. Instead, locate a spot to hang your gloves to dry.

How to make football gloves sticky again?

Although they aren’t magical – ability and training are still required – sticky football gloves can offer you an advantage. Catching the football will be a lot simpler if you know how to make football gloves sticky. Stick-Um was once applied not just to NFL wide receivers’ hands, but also to their arms, legs, and jerseys. Stick-Um, pine tar, and a variety of other adhesives, on the other hand, are no longer legal.

During a game, dirt and filth on your gloves might cause them to lose stickiness. Gloves that have been washed can have their tackiness restored. You can’t, however, put your gloves in the washing machine in the middle of a game. Follow these suggestions on how to make football gloves sticky without breaking the rules if you are a wide receiver, lineman, or quarterback.

Spit method

You may have heard that success requires blood, sweat, and tears. However, spit may be required, especially during a game, to make football gloves sticky. This approach works as long as the gloves are totally dry afterward. Spit on your gloves, then wipe your hands on your pads to get rid of any excess moisture. You may even use a spray of water from your water bottle if you want. During a game, you may easily repeat this to keep your gloves sticky with every pass.

Wipey Method

Take a wipe, either a Clorox wipe or a baby wipe, and clean down your gloves before each game. To accomplish this, put on your gloves, roll up a wipe, and rub it between your gloved palms. Make certain that you obtain the fingers. Then, when you rub your gloves together, you should notice that they are becoming more gripping.

Sun-Dry Method

Set your gloves out in the sun to dry. Sweaty wide receiver, lineman, and quarterback gloves are difficult to keep sticky. Leaving them to dry in the sun will ensure that you have sticky football gloves on game day.

Keep an Extra Pair for Game Day

Keep two sets of gloves on hand, one for games and one for training. Saving your gloves until prime time can help them retain their stickiness for a longer period of time.

Adhesives (as in do not use)

The majority of youth football leagues do not permit the use of adhesives like Stick-Um or pine tar. Check your league’s regulations to see whether chemicals are permitted to keep gloves sticky. If the material is not specified in the rule book, you may be able to use it; nonetheless, you should seek clarification.

Experiment with these strategies to see which works best for you. That way, you may be certain that your football gloves will be sticky on game day.


Finally, it is critical to wash your gloves appropriately, but you must also handle them properly while they are not being cleaned. Take time after each practice or game to allow your gloves to thoroughly dry off. You don’t want your perspiration to linger in the gloves for hours after you’ve removed them since it will make cleaning them afterward more difficult.