Can you take a baby to a football game?

You can absolutely take a baby to a football game. While it is a parent’s responsibility to decide whether their child attends a football game, the first question they should ask is whether it is appropriate to bring them along based on: their age, resilience, the time of the match, the predicted weather conditions, the noise, the crowds, and any other associated risks.

There are many Club rules that apply to minors that visit the stadium:

  • Anyone under the age of 14 must be accompanied
  • Anyone accompanying someone under the age of 14 must be 18 or older
  • Children aged 4 and under may attend football games for free but must sit on an adult’s knee.

Do babies need tickets to football games?

Before you buy your tickets, read the regulations and restrictions of the venue where your game will be held. Most stadiums and events will allow you to bring in a kid under the age of two for free, however, this is not always the case. Remember that even if you can bring your kid in for free, you won’t have a seat for them, thus you’ll have to squeeze everything into a tighter space once seated. Other regulations for infant football games. Also, remember to check the luggage policy.

With enhanced security at most stadiums these days, there will almost certainly be some limits on what you may bring into the arena. The most typical concerns are the amount of bags you may carry in, the size of the bags, and the color of the bags. It’s becoming increasingly common these days to be required to bring a transparent bag into stadiums, particularly at schools.

Tips for Taking Baby to Football Game

Football is an important part of many families lives, and that doesn’t alter simply because a new baby arrives. High school, college, and professional football are still staples in many families, baby or not, so when a newborn or infant is involved, it is often important to include them in the pigskin loop. 

Many parents are concerned about how to wrap up their newborn bundle of joy without disturbing their serenity while yet allowing the adults to get in their football time. As a result, new parents frequently ask how to successfully make a football game with a newborn or baby tolerable.

Check weather condition

When you take your infant to a football game, he or she has no idea what football is or what the rules of the game are. As an outdoor sport, the weather will be your most difficult challenge. Football games are frequently held in cold weather, with wet or snowy circumstances that might endanger your baby’s health. 

It is your responsibility as a parent to be aware of the weather forecast on game day and whether it would be hazardous to your child. If it is going to snow or rain, it may be advisable to get a babysitter for your infant, and if you are unable to obtain a babysitter, you may have to remain home and forgo the game. 

Sure, football is fun, but taking your infant to a football game in subzero temps or in wet weather might be hazardous to your baby’s health. If the weather is terrible, don’t bring the infant to the football game.

Bring plenty of food

Babies do not cease being hungry simply because there is a football game happening. In fact, they don’t even know what a football game is, but they will know when it’s time to eat. If you’re nursing, you may want to have a pre-pumped supply ready to go for the big game, or you may simply do what’s natural for you and the nurse right there.

Many women do this these days, and there is no shame in it. Just bear in mind before you leave that your baby will need to stick to his or her usual feeding schedule, even if a touchdown has just been scored. For the big game, make sure your diaper bag is stocked with feeding materials.

Bring toys

Your child is just like every other human being on the planet. They are prone to become bored since they are ignorant of the subsequent football action. And a noisy football game isn’t the best time for a baby to sleep, so you’re facing the very real potential that if you take your baby to a football game, they’ll be wide awake the entire time. 

If your kid doesn’t have a plethora of toys to keep them occupied, as well as lots of attention from you throughout the game, they’re quite likely to spend much of the game bawling their eyes out, which is exactly what you’re wanting to prevent. Dollar Store toys before a big game may often be a gift during those moments when you are excited but your child is bored.

Playtime before the big game

Nothing beats a baby who is completely exhausted by the time the game begins. If you schedule some playtime before the game, your baby will almost certainly sleep when you take him to a football game. How? That is one of life’s mysteries, but rest assured, there are youngsters who, if they are young and exhausted enough, will sleep through whole football games.

Playing with your kid, encouraging them to giggle or move about and have fun before the game may provide you with one of the most tranquil trips ever. Depleting your baby’s pre-game energy might result in a more enjoyable game. Some suggestions for playtime include:

  • Storytime helps to stimulate the infant.
  • Allowing them to use a rattle
  • Rolling over and other basics should be practiced.
  • Using a walker to transport them

Take a Sling or Stroller

Your infant’s demands do not cease simply because there is a football game going on around you. There may be times when you need to leave the house to use the restroom, and you may need to bring your child with you. Trips to the concession stand are also going to be a norm of the day, and someone may have to bring the infant with them. 

If they cry a lot, you may have to leave the bleacher area to soothe them in the restroom (or you may have to do a diaper change). When taking a baby to a football game, be prepared to be mobile. This is much easier to accomplish with a stroller or sling that directly attaches to your body.

Prepare for fun and mayhem

The first time you take your infant to a football game, much like the game itself, maybe frantic and full of surprises. Taking a baby to a football game is likely to be difficult since they are prone to crying fits and have unending demands, even if there is full-fledged football excitement happening all around them. 

Being prepared and having all of their necessities on hand will make the game go more smoothly. Prepare for any potential disaster and have a strategy in place to deal with it with rapid thought and action. For instance, if your child has a diaper change, do you have everything in your diaper bag or tote?

When it comes to taking a baby to a football game, anticipating requirements ahead of time will save you a lot of bother during the game. Many parents have probably gotten into the game only to realize that they neglected a crucial necessity, thus forcing them to abandon the game and miss out. 

Don’t be the parent that doesn’t double-check the diaper bag and ensures they can move around with the infant securely throughout the game. Football games may sometimes get boisterous, so you must be cautious while taking your infant to a football game.


To summarize, taking a baby to a football game may be enjoyable for both the parents and the infant if adequate planning and expectations are set. You’ll need to know the stadium’s ticket information and restrictions, carry the appropriate accessories, gather the necessary food and entertainment, and prepare ahead for the weather.