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TheUSOF: The United States of Football is the best place for guide, gear, training, and equipment for American sports: football, soccer, basketball, baseball, softball, tennis, and much more.

This could become the most controversial and watched exposé in sports. All who care about football and every parent with a kid in school simply must see this film, and tell everybody they know about it. It’s a heartbreaking story assembled over three years by the Emmy and Peabody-winning filmmaker who rocked the sports world and made public the infamous Bountygate tapes. Sean Pamphilon’s recordings turned up the volume on industry and revealed that some players were offered bounties to injure and specifically target opponents with a history of concussions, possibly fatally.

But that was only a piece of a bigger scandal.

He investigates the dirty secret too-long-kept from players – an increasing incidence of brain damage, dementia, and slow death from repetitive head trauma. The United States of Football digs into the lives of fallen heroes – as once vigorous men with everything to live for, lose their minds, their functions and their lives. MRIs, autopsies, and research leave little doubt that what was once called dementia pugilistica in the 1920’s was happening to today’s players, now called Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy – CTE.

The United States of Football ends in pain and hope. Some of our heroes wither away leaving angry and grieving families. One shoots himself in despair but protects his brain so that others can understand. And some bravely continue fighting to reform football. USOF is an in-depth examination of the football coaching ranks from pee wee through the pros that ask “Who is coaching your kids?” Father, fan and filmmaker, Sean Pamphilon made the documentary the NFL doesn’t want you to see. It will hit you with the force of 100G’s to the head.

Genre: Documentary     Length: 1:41 minutes

Director: Sean Pamphilon

Producers: Justin Bergeron, Tenny Priebe, Eliza Flug, Carrington Long, Baron Damm, Jana Bolotin

THE Cast: Kyle Turley, Bob Costas, James Harrison, Frank DeFord, Jim Brown, Sean Morey, Malcolm Gladwell, and Mike Silver.

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About Author, Director: Sean Pamphilon

Sean Pamphilon is an American sports television producer turned documentary filmmaker. He produced multiple television features on National Football League player Ricky Williams for Fox Sports and ESPN, and he later directed the Williams documentary, Run Ricky Run, for ESPN’s award-winning documentary series 30 for 30 with film partner Royce Toni.

Sean Pamphilon worked at the highest levels of sports television for over a decade, inspired passionate debate and was a polarizing personality. He came into the business as a precocious 23-year-old, spitting piss and vinegar, while throwing poetic haymakers at ESPN’s glass ceiling. Since 2000, I have hit the road–often solo–with cameras in my hand and the love of story and people, in my heart. He have bartered and borrowed–but never stolen–in an effort to make meaningful documentaries. In a culture of quick-time, everything, He have embraced the slow burn of long-term, long-form documentaries. Along with Royce Toni, He directed films– “playing with RAGE” and espn’s 30 for 30, “Run Ricky Run,” both of which took six years finish, from beginning to picture lock.

My film with Justin Bergeron and Tenny Priebe, The United States of Football will be almost four years in the making when it debuts.

Sean Pamphilon have won a few awards but the most telling thing about me is the people he have worked closely with. These collaborators invested their personal funds and worked on spec, or for significantly reduced salaries. They did so because they believe in the essence of the message behind my mission, which is to create positive cultural change. They were drawn to me because they value the effort he put forth and sacrifices made, staying true to the core. You can’t deposit that into an account or strategically place it on the wall or a book-shelf, so everyone can see how awesome you are.

But you get to carry that compliment inside you everywhere you go.

Sean Pamphilon was a hi-end producer, who also wrote, produced and performed ground-breaking sports essays. From 1995-2007 his spoken-word commentaries, rants and slam poetry, appeared on television (ESPN, FOX, NBC, ABC, NBC, USA, CNN, NFL Network, etc.) over 50 times. He’s a bi-polar Leo with a Gemini rising and has given away his Emmy (HBO) and Peabody Awards (ESPN) to family members. His trophy is spending the past 13 years producing and directing fiercely independent documentary films, which don’t curry favor or celebrate sacred cows.

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