The United States of Football

The United States of Football

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The United States of Football

The United States of Football could become the most controversial and watched exposé in sports. All who care about football and every parent with a kid in school simply must see this film, and tell everybody they know about it. It's a heartbreaking story assembled over three years by the Emmy and Peabody-winning filmmaker who rocked the sports world and made public the infamous Bountygate tapes. Sean Pamphilon's recordings turned up the volume on an industry, and revealed that some players were offered bounties to injure and specifically target opponents with a history of concussions, possibly fatally.

But that was only a piece of a bigger scandal.

He investigates the dirty secret too-long-kept from players - an increasing incidence of brain damage, dementia, and slow death from repetitive head trauma. The United States of Football digs into the lives of fallen heroes - as once vigorous men with everything to live for, lose their minds, their functions and their lives. MRIs, autopsies and research leave little doubt that what was once called dementia pugilistica in the 1920's was happening to today's players, now called Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy - CTE.

The United States of Football ends in pain and hope. Some of our heroes wither away leaving angry and grieving families. One shoots himself in despair but protects his brain so that others can understand. And some bravely continue fighting to reform football. USOF is an in-depth examination of the football coaching ranks from pee wee through the pros that asks "Who is coaching your kids?" Father, fan and filmmaker, Sean Pamphilon made the documentary the NFL doesn't want you to see. It will hit you with the force of 100G's to the head.

Genre: Documentary     Length: 1:41 minutes

Director: Sean Pamphilon

Producers: Justin Bergeron, Tenny Priebe, Eliza Flug, Carrington Long, Baron Damm, Jana Bolotin

THE Cast: Kyle Turley, Bob Costas, James Harrison, Frank DeFord, Jim Brown, Sean Morey, Malcolm Gladwell and Mike Silver

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The United States of Football

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DVD extras

Hey Mister

"Hey Mister" 02:59

A moving song by Kyle Turley, musician - retired from football due to brain damage.

Women on the Issues

Women on the Issues 04:04

Silvia Mackey (wife of John Mackey - Hall of Fame Tight End) at a depression seminar. And Stephanie Coontz, author 'Marriage, a History'.

Rockhurst High

Rockhurst High 04:08

Famed author Malcolm Gladwell comments on parents' approval of football safety. And the coach of Rockhurst HS on the importance of testing, training, and equipment.

James Harrison

Smiling James Harrison 07:47

Meet another side of the feared James Harrison.


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The United States of Football

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The United States of Football

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